Redding Classic Trail Shoot 2009
Bigfoot in the back of a full size pickup truck.  He's hangin off the end pretty good!!The Houston Crew.  Are we having fun yet?Kelly, Geogranna, Mike, Alan, and Adam at the Pro Am eventKelly squishing Bigfoot's head!!!  Kelly Kennedy Letting er rip at Bigfoot.  101 yard shot.  Target #52Alen Ripkoski taking aim at BigfootAdam & Kris getting ready to shoot Bigfoot.
Chuck, Adam, Kris, Justin, and Cory on the line at BigfootChuck, Adam, Kris, Justin, and Cory at full draw on the first arrow for the 101 yard shot at Bigfoot!  Look at that follow thru!!!  ;)Staring down Bigfoot.  Let's see if you can dodge a Pro Tour mister man!!Lining up the shotYup.  22....  Moving right along..  :)Justin AKA "The Swami" at full draw on Bigfoot.  Rob on the line with Kris Spotting.Justin "The Swami" at full draw on BigfootJim Miller at full draw on BigFoot.Cory Miller at full draw on BigFootJohnny Ingram preping for BigFoot with Chuck Cooley spotting for him.Johnny Ingram taking aim at BigFootCory Miller & his Green machine PSE BowMadness concentrating on the 101 yard shot at BigFootOur first upclose look at the infamous BigFootSee those 2 Orange fletched Pro Tours in the middle... :)  Nevermind where Johnny's arrows are.  Nobody has to know which ones are his....Another close up view of the carnage at BigFoot hillBasking in a moment of Glory on BigFoot hillLeft to Right.  Johnny, Justin, Kris, Will, Cory, and Chuck.The Gang at Target #52Looking up the hill at the shooting stake from BigFootGot a little Captain in yah??Cory & Justin squaring up on the line at the rams on the hillCory taking aim at the RamBigfoot came thru here!!!Johnny calling our arrows on the ram targetOur first clean target as a group!  I think it was an 88 yard, 20 degree downhill shot, in the wind...  Damn we're good!same target with a new photographer.  I wanted in the picture dangitt!Kelly Kennedy taking aim at the Elk scene.  88 yard shotAlan Ripkoski Poised & ready for the 88 yard Elk shot.Alan takes aim....FIRE!!!  Can you see that arrow in mid air?  This is a great pic!!Johnny wants to know...  Who's spotting for me?Johnny Ingram setting up forthe shot on the Elk Scene.  I caught him before he got settled in for the shot.88 yards you say?  No sweat.  :)Adam & Justin are assessing the situation while Jim Miller draws his bow in the background...Chuck & Justin at full draw as I set my sight.  At least I remembered this time..  :(  Don't ask!!Adam taking aim at the 88 yard ElkJustin breaks a clean shot while I take aim for my 2nd arrow on the elkJim Miller takes aim while Kris spots.  Rob is in the pre-draw position...Another angle of myself at full draw on the Elk scene.Lori Miller breaks a clean shot at the Elk sceneSo how would you have called this arrow?  I took a 10 on this arrow, but it was a topic of discussion over the weekend..  I managed to shoot into the biggest arrow hole EVERRRJohnny Ingram taking a break along the trail.Day 2 begins..  Can you say RAIN???Jim telling himself..  This is going to be a LONG day....That is Johnny's arrow right smack dab in the middle!Justin & Cory trying to stay dryI'm just happy to be here!I have 2 rain coats on, and by this time the rain has soaked thru both of them!!!Uphill Cougar targetsJustin "the Swami" at full draw on the Cougar targetsChuck was a little water logged.  He was actually able to squeeze water out of his hands by making a fist...  These are the guys that saved the weekend for me.  After day 2 I was down to 5 shootable arrows.  They just so happened to have my particular vanes in stock.  They were kind enough to clear a spot for me so I could sit down & refletch 6 of my arrows so I could get thru the rest of the weekend!Day 1 Pro Am.  Adam at full draw
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